OCP14 Abstract Booklet

February 19th

Informal get-together at restaurant Louisiana, Bolkerstraße 18 40213 Düsseldorf, at 6pm.

February 20th

9:00-9:15Ulrich Rosar (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities): Opening
9:15-10:15Kie Zuraw: The breadth of the candidate set
10:15-10:45Adam Albright and Youngah Do: A substantive bias for perceptually minimal alternations in Artificial Grammar learning
10:45-11:15Coffee break
11:15-11:45Deepthi Gopal and Stephen Nichols: Sonorant-conditioned mid vowel lowering in Turkish
11:45-12:15Martin Krämer and Draga Zec: Coda typology, the sonority myth, and positive markedness
12:15-12:45Jochen Trommer: Mutual Counterfeeding and Duke-of-York Blocking in Bari
12:45-14:15Lunch break
14:15-14:45Bartlomiej Czaplicki: Frequency of use predicts the application of consonant mutations in Polish
14:45-15:15Quentin Dabouis: Semantically opaque prefixes and English phonology
15:15-15:45Julia Zimmermann, Darcy Rose, Daniel Bürkle and Kevin Watson: The Role of Expectability and Sub-Phonemic Detail in Speech Perception: English has-clitic /s/ vs. plural /s/
15:45-16:15Marie-Christin Himmel and Baris Kabak: Phonetic invariance in L2 modulates allophonic realizations in L1: Evidence from bilingual production of laterals
16:15-16:45Coffee break
16:45-17:15Rachid Ridouane and Julien Meyer: Gemination in Tashlhiyt whistled speech
17:15-17:45Klaas Seinhorst and Silke Hamann: Coronal underspecification as a possible result of transmission noise
17:45-18:15Chris Golston: Pyrrhic Feet

February 21st

9:30-10:00Paul Boersma: The emergence of phonological categories in a Deep Belief Network
10:00-10:30Iris Berent, Outi Bat-El, Diane Brentari and Vered Vaknin: The double identity of doubling: one language faculty, two channels
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:30Daniel Currie Hall: Laurentian French laxing harmony and the Activity Principle
11:30-12:00Susanne Genzel: Center of gravity as indicator of right edge boundary tone in Akan
12:00-13:30Lunch break
13:30-14:00Laura Downing and Martin Krämer: Kinande phrasal harmony — gradient phonetic anticipation or phonological domino?
14:00-14:30Gerrit Kentner: Supra-lexical Prosodic Morphology in German
14:30-16:00Postersession 1 and coffee break
16:00-16:30Marko Simonovic and René Kager: From accent to stress: the verb prosody of Serbo-Croatian creolised standard varieties
16:30-17:30Ingo Plag: Beyond morpho-phonology: Phonetic detail and morphological structure
19:00Conference dinner at restaurant "Zum Schlüssel", Bolkerstraße 41-47
40213 Düsseldorf

February 22nd

9:00-9:30Eva Zimmermann: The default vs. the underspecified: Floating tones in Zacatepec Chatino
9:30-10:00Isabelle Lin: Tone sequences in lexical processing of Beijing Mandarin
10:00-10:30Yang Li: Complete and incomplete neutralisation in Fuzhou tone sandhi
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:30Javier Sanz: Lexical storage vs. phonological computation: a case study of stress variation in English -(at)ory derivatives
11:30-12:00Fanni Patay: An Optimality Theory analysis of Hungarian echo words
12:00-12:30Business meeting
12:30-14:00Lunch break
14:00-14:30Frank Kügler: On pronouns and their prosodic phrasing in German
14:30-15:00Anne Hermes, Doris Muecke and Tabea Thies: Conflicting demands of complex timing patterns in Essential Tremor patients: When the realisation of a phonological constituent breaks down
15:00-16:30Postersession 2 and coffee break
16:30-17:00Hironori Katsuda: Tonal alignment features in Orkney and Shetland dialects
17:00-18:00Martine Grice: Chat or Chatter? The role of intonation in vowel insertion

Postersession 1

Postersession 2